Ph.D. Positions

The Marine Robotics Lab is constantly seeking outstanding Ph.D. applicants who have one of the following interests with the capabilities below:

Research Topics

  • Control, perception and autonomy of aquatic robots
  • Bioinspired aquatic robots such as fish-like robots, soft aquatic robots, bioinspired sensors
  • Collective robots such as swarm robots, self-reconfigurable robots

Basic Requirement

  • Strong passion and desire to solve challenging problems
  • Bachelor/Master degree in ME, EE, CS, or relevant degree with outstanding academic performance
  • Strong analytical and coding skills
  • Good communication skills in both written and spoken English

Desired Skills

  • Strong theoretical and algorithmic backgrounds in robotics and autonomy (e.g., control and optimization, motion planning, decision-making, machine learning, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM))
  • Rich experience in designing, building, and controlling real robotic platforms, e.g., robotic boats, bioinspired robots, soft robots, swarm robots, underwater robots
  • Rich experience in C++, Python, ROS tools, and related robotics libraries

How to Apply

Apply for ME PhD Program (Deadline: December 15): Interested applicants can apply for UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering PhD Program via https://engineering.wisc.edu/programs/degrees/mechanical-engineering-phd/ and indicate Dr. Wei Wang as your prospective supervisor in your application.

I highly recommend reaching out to me through email at wwang745@wisc.edu before submitting your application to discuss your qualifications. Please include your CV, transcript, state of purpose, up to three publications (if applicable), and the names and contact details (email) of 2-3 references in your email communication.

For Graduate Students at UW-Madison

We are always seeking self-motivated, passionate, and committed undergraduates and graduates to join our lab. Prospective members should have completed coursework or have project experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Dynamics, control systems, and machine learning
  • Designing, fabricating, and testing robots
  • Robot perception such as SLAM, computer vision
  • Coding for robots using C++, Python, ROS tools, and associated robotic libraries

If you are interested, please email the PI directly, who will contact selective candidates to schedule interviews.

For Undergraduate Students at UW-Madison

We welcome undergraduates who are eager to acquire research experience in mechanical design, circuit design, fabrication, dynamics, controls, and machine learning. Due to the substantial training involved before contributing to our research programs, we encourage UW-Madison students who are interested in committing to long-term (one year or more) intensive research endeavors to reach out to Prof. Wang.

Postdoctoral Positions

The Marine Robotics Lab currently is not seeking postdoctoral researchers. However, exceptional candidates seeking external fellowships are welcome to contact Prof. Wang to discuss opportunities. Example postdoctoral fellowships include the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships, the Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, and the James S. McDonnell Fellowship in Complex Systems. UW-Madison Office of Postdoctoral Studies also summarizes a comprehensive list of postdoc fellowships and awards, accessible here.